Why can’t I get apples-to-apples comparisons on home repairs?

Having both purchased and sold a few homes for myself recently, it quickly became apparent that contractor bids weren’t apples-to-apples.

Why hire a painter and carpet installer instead of one company doing both?

Unless you’ve replaced carpets and had a few homes painted recently, you’ll find that the repair pricing can range quite a bit; you’ll soon notice that there is also a range of work quality too. Some carpet installers will also estimate to replace baseboards, some will not. Some painters will remove light fixtures and door handles, some will not.

How can a project scope help the focus?

Sitting down to write a project scope lets you focus on what estimates you are asking for. Be writing out what you want repaired you, and the contractor, can stay focused on the necessary repairs. This helps streamline the estimate.

How can I prepare a bid summary?

Once you have the estimates based on your project scope, you’ll find that there are line-items for repairs. These line items can be compared on a bid summary so you can see which of your estimators is the most cost-effective. Feel free to reach out to me with questions, I’ve done this part many times.

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