Buyers: Do you accept Seller repairs or a closing credit?

Problem: You complete your inspections on the house, the Seller agrees that items need to be fixed … what next?

There can be many inspection findings when purchasing your home. Some of these are included in Seller home inspections; if no inspections are available and Buyers complete their own inspections, they will know their future home’s condition better.

Solution One: Seller Repairs

Most loans will require that negotiated repairs be completed before you get the keys. If the Seller agrees to repairs, you’ll need to make sure that the repair description is clear. Not just repairing a wall, but including texture, and paint. Not just completing dry rot repair, but painting it to match … and many other variables to consider.

Solution Two: Repair Credit

Whenever possible you should consider the benefits of completing house repairs own your own. Yes, the Seller can credit money to do the repairs, there is much to be said about choosing your own vendors. If you have a furnace or appliance replaced, you then can directly follow up on the warranty for these types of appliances. If you are arranging wood or wall repair, you can also be more involved in selecting the paint and making sure that colors match.  After all, the Seller is leaving this house and you will be the new owner. It’s never too early to take charge of improving your new home.

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