Home Seller Course Module 4: Marketing Your Home


New Problem For Listings: Internet Overload

Although the Internet offers more exposure than in the past, your listing is the equivalent of a speck in the ocean and is not necessarily being seen by the right, serious buyers. The perception may be that more exposure is better, however, it should be understood that now there are many technology companies in the real estate business who thrive on selling leads to real estate agents. The end result is that they attract any and all whimsical real estate searchers and pass them off as a real prospects causing complete overload. They key is to start by…

Optimizing The Presentation Of Property Pictures & Details

Despite its drawbacks, the Internet is still a wonderful place to display the best features of your property. Therefore, you must optimize the presentation of your pictures and describe the hot points of your listing in order to cause potential buyers to take action and inquire. The debate amongst marketers rages on about how much information is too much, however, it takes very few quality buyers to create a robust market for your property, so a clear and through and honest online presentation of your property will weed out the casual looker and better attract genuine buyers. However, beyond the pictures you must also…

Attach Buyer Solutions To Your Property Listing

Although many buyers will be interested in buying your home, there still exist many reasons why those buyers will not take action. The best marketing plan includes solutions to those challenges, such as obtaining financing in a timely manner or solving the need to sell another property prior to purchasing yours. Beyond those technical challenges, there are emotional obstacles, such as buyer’s remorse or buyers worrying about the distress caused by the fear of the move not being coordinated properly and something going horribly wrong and resulting in loss. All of these factors could lead to buyer paralysis and must be dealt with aggressively and professionally. In any case, your marketing plan must…

Create Competition and Maximize A Bidding Environment

Ultimately, a combination of the right price, the sweet spot, and marketing that creates excitement and scarcity is the only way to drive the sale price of any property to its highest achievable level possible. Most sellers make the critical mistake of over pricing their property, which renders even the best marketing less effective. The key to creating buyer competition can only be reached by finding the right price range that will by itself open the doors of interest. Then and only then will the correct, aggressive marketing push the property to the forefront of the media channels that best attract high quality buyers who are truly interested in buying your property.


We realize that marketing your property can be overwhelming, so please feel free to contact us to arrange for an in home consultation on how to market your property.

Understanding how to market your property will set up course module #5 where you’ll learn how to communicate during the sale of your property in order to increase its value.

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