Home Seller Course Module 5: Communicating During Your Sale


Start With Personal Honesty About Your Motivation To Sell

The biggest mistake that most property sellers make is not properly preparing for communicating honestly with themselves and others because of the fear of loss. Furthermore, no property seller wants to be taken advantage of, so the natural reaction is to not trust anybody and therefore, not share the truth about the motivation to sell. The best way to prepare for a property sale is to simply decide whether it’s really time to sell or not. When it is the right time, it’s critical to be honest and allow yourself to feel motivated at a level 10 on a 1 to 10 scale. With this approach you’ll be able to fight through the fears that are a natural part of engaging in such a large financial and emotional transaction as the sale of a property. So you must…

Communicate The Truth With Your Agent

When you decide to hire a professional real estate agent to guide you through your sale choose wisely so that you feel safe and comfortable with open communication. If you’ve started off by admitting you high level of motivation remember that nobody can make you sell your property so avoid saying self-sabotaging statements such as, “I’m not going to give it away!” Those words are based in fear driven emotion that begins to interfere with how you approach your property sale. Remember that this process is a business transaction and should be handled professionally; letting negative emotions get a hold of you will cost you in many ways. So the first good habit is to…

Listen To Buyers & Co-Agents Post-Showing Feedback

On your way to a successful sale you’ll need to make adjustments based on the feedback of the buyers and their agents. One of the most critical tasks that a professional real estate agent should perform is the gathering of honest feedback. Most buyers will be viewing multiple properties during their search and that offers the seller a critical opportunity for real-time market feedback. Your property is being compared to others and the buyer agents are helping those buyers look for the properties that offer the most features at the best price. Therefore, if you’re losing out to other properties, you must make adjustments in your price and or condition to stay competitive.  Always…

Accept Feedback Openly & Avoid Being Defensive

The best action to take when receiving market feedback is to simply listen and consider. Most sellers make the mistake of becoming defensive when they hear critique and begin to “sell” themselves as to why that feedback is incorrect. The key is to remember that it’s an opinion and, in the case of selling a property, the opinion of the buyers market does matter. Another mistake is to look only for positive feedback to substantiate the current positioning of the property price and condition especially when that feedback is not leading to offers. Look for honest critiques that allow you to take immediate action and adjust your competitive standing in the current market place.


We realize that preparing for communication during the sale of your property can be overwhelming, so please feel free to contact us to arrange for an in home consultation on how to prepare for the challenges communication will present during the sale of your property.

Understanding how to communicate during the sale of your property will set up course module #6 where you’ll learn how to prepare for the negotiation of the terms and conditions of the sale of your property in order to receive top dollar.

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