How To Sell A House That Didn’t Sell

Has the listing for your home expired or cancelled? Find out why we have succeeded where others have failed

If your home has just come off the market and hasn’t sold, don’t be discouraged. The reason your home did not sell may have nothing to do with your home or the market. In reality, your home may have been one of the more desirable properties for sale.

So why didn’t your home sell?

Last year many of the homes listed for sale never sold at all, and many sellers found that there was a tremendous amount a homeowner needed to be educated on in order to sell their home for top dollar in the shortest time period.

Don’t risk making the wrong choices and losing both time and money on your investment. Before you hire a Realtor, know the right questions to ask to ask to save you time and money.

Real Reviews

bedford-testimonial-picture“John Made Our Move To Alabama Worry Free”

There were already 14 homes for sale in our neighborhood, more were coming on daily, and some of the homes in the neighborhood were on the market for 3 months or more!  Our home sold for 98% of our original asking price and in just 20 days!” Mike and Wendy B.

rounds-testimonial-picture103% of Asking Price in Just 6 Days

“We decided to sell our home and move back to San Jose. There were several homes on our street that hadn’t sold yet and it didn’t look like they would sell any time soon either. We received three offers in a buyer’s market in just 12 days!” Mel and Norma R.

kathy-rigginsSold in 6 Days

“There were about a dozen homes up for sale in my neighborhood. Some had been on the market for 90 or more days already. My home sold in just 6 days in slow buyer’s market!” Kathy R.